Let's Go Swimming

Comedy drama from award-winning comedian Josie Long about a young woman trying to build a new, more fulfilling life for herself in Glasgow - the Indie Band Theme Park, where Josie will finally be happy and accepted. But it's harder than she thought to make friends and even just to go swimming.

Our two shorts (Romance & Adventure is the second one (Josie gets a pal) https://vimeo.com/77275071) have been made into a Radio 4 series http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b074zw4l

Let's Go Swimming was made shortly after Josie met director Douglas King at an arts festival in Newcastle. Josie came up to Glasgow for a week and they wrote the script - Josie Long Glasgow Film as it was known then - in the children's section of the Mitchell Library. A month after, they were on a 5 day shoot with an amazingly talented cast and crew.

Nominated for 2 BAFTA New Talent Awards, they've been on a 25 date UK cinema tour too, which was seen by over 1,700 people.

Director of Photography
John Young

Camera Assistants
Marc Campbell, Jennifer Kerr

Art Director
Jennifer Hanlon

Sound Recordist
David McKeitch

Jennifer Kerr

Assistant Editor
Vilte Vaitkute

Dubbing Mixer
Amanda McGoldrick

Foley Artist
Claire Abercrombie

Colin Brown

David MacGregor

Paul Gallagher

Stephanie Gibson, Jess McDermott

Graphic Designers
Darren Osborne, Roddy MacNeill, Luke McCarthy

Where the Monkey Sleeps @GSA

Equipment kindly provided by
Visual Impact

Douglas King

Josie Long

Lesley McKeran


Josie Long
Darren Osborne
JoJo Sutherland
Stephanie Gibson
Roddy MacNeill
Isy Suttie
Jim Nixon
George Gardiner
Hugh Osborne
Andy Robertson
Jonny McCarthy
Luke McCarthy
Kieron Brown
Sinead Tait
Patrice Osborne
Suzanne Facenna
Sofia Facenna
Anna Dunlop
Jennie Cook
Austin Yuill
Andrew Beltran
Ian Craig
Kate Lazda
Kevin Conroy
Michael Morrison


Stuart Murdoch
Aidan Moffat

Shot in Glasgow and Largs
Canon 5d